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Private Hospitals in the UK

Private Hospitals and Procedures

The NHS has such a lot of pressure on it at the moment with ever increasing patient numbers plus we are living longer which also puts pressure on services. Those of us who can afford it can go privately and pay to see a specialist or have a procedure done, while private hospitals also cater for people who wish to have cosmetic procedures too. Here we take a look at some private hospitals and the services or procedures they offer.

The Yorkshire Clinic Bingley

Yorkshire Clinic

The Yorkshire Clinic opened in 1982 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It has fifty seven rooms, five fully equipped theatres with one suited to minor surgery plus offers competitively priced cosmetic surgery. Their diagnostic facilities are second to none and include a cardiac catheterisation lab, X Ray, mammography, MRI and CT scanning facilities. The hospital also has an on site physiotherapy unit as well as a chemotherapy facility.

The clinic offers a whole host of treatments from screening services through to hip or knee surgery and weight loss surgery. Yorkshire Clinic is also well known for its cosmetic surgery facilities, all competitively priced, such as breast reduction, uplift, or enlargement, liposuction, face lifts, tummy tucks and nose procedures. Specialist teams look after patients ensuring them of a good outcome to their procedures bringing piece of mind.

The clinic also offers advice on the finance side of things should you need it as it is not always possible to find the funds for the operation procedures or treatment you require. Patients who require further information may fill in the online enquiry form on the Yorkshire's site or request a call back if that suits better. Many NHS patients in the area can choose to be seen at the Yorkshire Clinic through the choose and book system. Enquiries should be made through your GP.

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BUPA Hospitals


There are many BUPA hospitals up and down the UK, while insurance policies are also available in order to cover you for an unexpected illness. Most policies cover diagnosis, treatment and after care cover giving patients peace of mind. This means if you fall ill there will be no waiting list queues or delays as treatment will be speedy. Some companies offer BUPA cover to their employees as part of their contract package, while BUPA have won many awards for their health care provision.

BUPA care is also available on demand with their pay as you go system meaning you can get care without having a policy with BUPA. For further information regarding consultants and hospitals connected to BUPA take a look at their website.

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Ramsey Healthcare

Ramsey Healthcare

Ramsey Healthcare is a big name in the private hospital business. All Ramsey's hospitals offer a range of treatments from such things as hip replacements and weight loss surgery through to back pain treatments and cosmetic procedures. Ramsey has twenty two hospitals in all under its banner along with nine treatment centres and three neurological units so offer a pretty comprehensive service. Hospitals are sited all over the UK from Cumbria down to the far south and cater for insured patients as well as self paying patients too.

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Nuffield Healthcare


Nuffield Health offer gym and private hospital services throughout the UK. They have thirty one units all offering a service that is second to none with each hospital having its own matron. Patients waiting for NHS care can contact Nuffield should they wish to pay for treatment to speed things up. Nuffield hospitals offer all the services and more that you would expect with procedures and treatments that include hip or knee replacements, CT scans, MRI, cosmetic procedures and much more. Read more about Nuffield Hospitals at their website.

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